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Flygirl PodCast

Flygirl, a Female Pilot Exposé by Dear Discreet Guide

R.D. Kardon on Trailblazers Impact Podcast,
August 2019

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R.D. Kardon in Aviation for Women Magazine, April 2019

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"5 San Diego Authors to Read in 2019"

Author Robin Kardon was a commercial pilot for 12 years, and her experience breaking into a male-dominated industry in the 1990s inspired her to write Flygirl. The novel examines the discriminatory environment and other challenges faced by female pilots. Long before #MeToo, Kardon was shattering glass ceilings and standing up against hostile work environments.

"Book Launch Party for San Diego Author's Cockpit Confessional Flygirl" San Diego Metro, November 2018

"Before San Diego author and attorney Robin Kardon came up with the idea for “Flygirl,” her debut novel about a female pilot breaking the blue ceiling, she lived it. Her cockpit confessional has been hailed as “an astounding peek behind the scenes of pilot life.”


"From Courtroom to Cockpit: One Woman's Flight" Woman Pilot Magazine, March 2002

"The inaugural year of the new millennium was the year I celebrated my 41st birthday and became an airline captain. If this accomplishment conjures up images of a smiling teenager taking her first airplane ride on a rural grass strip, enrolling in a collegiate aviation program, and following a standard career path step by step—guess again!"

"Leaving the Law" Washington Lawyer, September 2005

"Robin Kardon was willing to make major sacrifices to her life as a litigator for a new career as a pilot. She took what ultimately became a 75 percent pay cut and sold her beloved home in a slow market so she could use her equity to help finance the switch."

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