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Flygirl - eBook.jpg

Reeling from guilt and grief over a tragic loss, can an ambitious pilot earn the respect she craves?


Tris Miles is held back by her job as a First Officer for tiny Clear Sky Airlines. She needs to be a Captain--the only way she knows to prove her worth as a pilot and atone for a deadly mistake that cost the life of a loved one.

Tris accepts a prestigious job with Tetrix, Inc. where she hopes to advance quickly. But as the company's first woman pilot, she encounters resistance, marginalization, and harassment on a daily basis. Fortunately, Tris has one thing her co-workers can't deny--skill.

In the skies over Europe, Tris, her passengers, and crew are in real danger. Will Tris lead her passengers to a safe landing? And if this is the end, can she find the strength to forgive herself?

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