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Book Club Guide

Praise for FLYGIRL:

Industry Reviews

"Kardon's exciting, spirited debut follows a new female pilot as she vies to move up to the captain's seat...This soaring testament to the value of following one's dreams delivers the goods." -Publishers Weekly

"Kardon's narrative is both thoughtful and gripping...Tris is an appealing and relatable character...The details of the "true ballet" of piloting a plane add an evocative dimension to the text that may leave readers longing to take to the air."  -Kirkus Reviews 

Industry Reviews

"A wonderful piece of writing with a bit of history and real-world issues laced throughout." -The Indie Express

"Well written and interesting, [Kardon] tells the truth about those times." -Texas Book Nook

"R. D. Kardon is such an imaginative and descriptive storyteller." -On a Reading Bender

"A well-crafted love story- love in all its imperfections between a man and a woman, and love of the joy and intricacies of being a pilot." -Phyllis Campagna, Amazon

THANK YOU for adding FLYGIRL to your book club list. Here are some questions I hope provoke thoughtful discussion.

1. What attracts you to Tris? What about her do you, in particular, identify with?

2. Who was your favorite character? Why? Who was your least favorite character? Why?

3. What are the fulfilling elements of Tris’s life? Is career achievement what she really
wants? Is it what she needs?

4. What is your first impression of Deter, and how does your impression of him change at
the end of the book, if at all?

5. Could Tris have done more to help Ross? Can you describe her feelings about him at
various stages of the story?

6. Tris is faced with an important decision toward the end of the book, after events
that take place on the “Ball Buster.” Did you agree or disagree with the decision she
made? Why? Why not? What would you have done differently?

7. Was Tris in love with Bron? What did she love about him, and why did she doubt their
relationship would ultimately be successful? Do you agree or disagree?

8. How do you think Tris’s relationship with her family contributed to the choices she makes
in this book as an adult?

9. Character development is about transformation. How is Tris transformed by the end of
the story?

10. Did Tris accomplish what she wanted? Did she get what she needed?


I love talking to book clubs. I would be happy to attend your book club in person to discuss
FLYGIRL at locations within a 1.5-hour drive from San Diego, California.
I can also attend your book club via video, using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or
any similar platform.

For more information and to schedule, please email me at:

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