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My New Job

buzz bəz/noun an atmosphere of excitement and activity. "there is a real buzz about Flygirl"

I build buzz. I try and find ways to get people excited about my debut novel Flygirl. This is my job now.

Look, I’m crazy about the book— obviously—and hope everyone reads and enjoys it. But can’t I just publish it and sit around waiting for the Pulitzer committee to text?

As if!

So how do you stoke the flame of excitement for a book whose January 2019 publication date is still a ways away?

ASK FOR HELP! Friends, your loyalty has been overwhelming. Would you be willing to jump on the buzz bandwagon with me? Here’s a list of things you can do:

  • Share YOUR Flygirl experience with your friends and on social media. Were you one of my subject matter experts or Beta readers? If so, your name’s in the book! That’s a brag-worthy tidbit if there ever was one.

  • Include a link to my website ( on your social media pages. Ask your friends to check it out, see what’s what, and if they’d like to learn more.

  • Engage in a conversation with me about: -Female pilots. I mean, have you ever had one or more on YOUR flight? How did you feel about it? Or did you even care? -Women in the workplace. Good experiences? Bad? -Any situation where you’ve felt marginalized, belittled or bullied in a professional setting. What was your response?

It’s hard to make this request, asking people to donate their time and effort to someone else’s treasured project. Something as simple as a retweet or post ‘Like’ can take us away from pressing projects.

You cannot possibly know how much your past and continued support means to me. Publishing a book exercises the gratitude muscle like nothing else I’ve ever done.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Wanna buzz in my ear? Reply to this email or reach out directly at

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