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On the Road Again...

trav·el /ˈtravəl/


go from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length.

"FLYGIRL traveled to Idyllwild California this week."

FLYGIRL gets around. She recently accompanied me to Idyllwild, California, a mountain town I'd always wanted to visit. Her first major appearance was as an addition to the guest library at the Idyllwild Bunkhouse, where I stayed during my getaway. Here she is with Raj, the proprietor of this quiet, rustic getaway location. I have never known the kind of hospitality that Raj provides.

Then, we made sure she was safely ensconced at the Idyllwild Public Library. The librarian was thrilled to add this volume to their collection. Do you have an Idyllwild library card? Check out FLYGIRL!

My original plan was to come here and do some writing. I'd finished the first draft of Book #3 of The Flygirl Series a couple of weeks ago, and wanted a quiet place to go about the difficult work of revising it. I need to get it in shape to be edited by a professional, and I thought this would be a terrific place to do it.

Then my friend Gail and her best friend Trek agreed to join me for a day of hiking. The sights we saw together were quite spectacular. Nature never, ever disappoints.

Little did I know that right smack in the middle of my visit, Idyllwild would be hit with a big winter storm. Over 30 inches of snow fell, which meant I had to break out my scraper/brush, which I hadn't used since I moved to California from Chicago 12 years ago. It was one of the things I kept "just in case," and it sure got a workout.

But the falling snow was quite beautiful, and the environment perfect for creativity. Here's hoping my muse followed me there, and that I made some progress on this novel that I am so anxious to share with you. It completes the character arc of Tris Miles, and once again addresses social challenges important to us all.

Hope you are all safe and dry, wherever you are. I was just thrilled to be back on the road again.

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